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Curriculum Vitae

CV Synthetic Biology

Research Projects

Funded Projects

Granted Project Role Years- Subsidies
EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship Recipient 86-88  salary
A.I.P. "Biotechnologie" du CNRS Partner 88-90 200 kF
Programme Biotechnologies (Ministère de la Recherche) Partner 90-92 1000 kF
Human Capital and Mobility (EC) Partner 93-95 1300 kF
BIOTECH (EC) WP leader, partner 93-96 4300 kF
Interface Chimie-Biologie (CNRS) Coordinator (PI) 96-97 200 kF
Action IMPG (Ministère de la Recherche)  Coordinator (PI) 00-01 60 kF
Action IMPG (Ministère de la Recherche)  Coordinator (PI) 01-03 11 k€
ACI IMP-Bio (Ministère de la Recherche) Partner 04-06 40 k€
PI "Complexité du Vivant" (CNRS)  Coordinator (PI) 05-07 44 k€
ONCE-CS (EC FP6 FET IST)  Partner 05-08 1000 k€
GIACS (EC FP6 NEST)  WP leader, partner 05-08 1400 k€
GENNETEC (EC FP6 IST FET) Coordinator (PI) 06-09 1475 k€
ERASysBio (EC FP6 ERAnet) co-PI 06-11 2000 k€
Platform of Synthetic Biology (ASTRE, CG91) Coordinator (PI) 10-11 290 k€
PEPII (CNRS) co-PI 12 20 k€
CREPE (PEPS BMI) Partner 13 11 k€
PHC Brancusi PI 13-14 11 k€
SysCilia (EC FP7 HEALTH) WP leader, co-PI 10-14 12000 k€
BioIntelligence (A2I / OSEO) WP leader, co-PI 09-14 43000 k€
CADMAD (EC FP7 IST FET) Partner 10-14 3990 k€
ERASynBio (EC FP7 KBBE) WP leader, co-PI 11-14 2000 k€
INSIGhT (GIP Cancéropole IdF) co-PI 11-14 446 k€
ST-FLOW (EC FP7 KBBE) WP leader, co-PI 11-15 6000 k€
ROBUST (Genopole - TWB) co-PI 14-16 320 k€
Synpathic (ANR) co-PI 15-17 450 k€
AdaLab (EC FP7 Chist-Era) co-PI (Elati) 14-17 1400 k€
LIONs (ITMO-INSERM "Biologie des Systèmes et Cancer") PI (Elati) 16-18 752 k€

* GENNETEC final evaluation (March 2010):

GENetic NETworks: Emergence and Complexity - Conclusion:
GENNETEC was a very ambitious project, which achieved many new and important results. Managing such a vast scale project was not at all easy, and credit must be given to F. Kepes for having done an excellent job in keeping the overall quality of the project very high. In our opinion this project resulted in very good value for money to the EU taxpayer. The investigators set out on a very challenging project that ranged from the mathematically abstract categorical characterisation of complex systems, to the statistical mechanical modelling of macromolecular landscapes to the organisation of entire genomes. Along the way, they produced not only scientific results (46 articles) but also software and methods that will be used by others well beyond the scope of GENNETEC.

Good to excellent project (The project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the period and has even exceeded expectations).

Technology Transfer & Consulting


* Rhône-Poulenc-Rorer in 1989-92, with one postdoctoral fellow who was subsequently hired by the company.
* Hoechst-Marion-Roussel in 1998-2000, with one doctoral student.
* Serono in 2004-05, with one doctoral 'CIFRE' student.
* Deinove since 2013, with one doctoral 'CIFRE' student. Member of the Deinove Scientific Board.

Co-foundation of a biotechnological start-up, BioRet

BioRet lies at the crossroads of optronics and post-genomics. F. Képès is a co-founder and associate of BioRet. This company was set to quiescence on economical grounds.

Collaboration with a software editor in biotechnology, NorayBio

Following the European project GENNETEC that F. Képès coordinated until 2009, a totally novel method to discover transcription factor binding sites along DNA was set up.

Participation to a large public-private partnership "BioIntelligence"

This 5-year (2009-14) program aimed at a deep change of the pharmaceutical R&D by applying the principles of systems biology and of product lifecycle management. It brought together a software editor (Dassault Systèmes, leader), four major pharma companies (Sanofi, Ipsen, Servier, Pierre Fabre) and one phytosanitary company (Bayer Crop Science), a bioinformatics start-up (Sobios), and three academic bodies (Inserm transfert, Inria, Genopole). F. Képès represented Genopole for BioIntelligence.


"Recombinant nucleic sequences encoding proteins with at least one hydrophobic domain and their applications"
Inventor : F. Képès
26-03-1996 n° 96 03731 in France
25-03-1997 n° PCT/FR97/00523 international.