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Curriculum Vitae

CV Synthetic Biology

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Research Director at CNRS (1995)
Founding (2002) Scientific Director of the Epigenomics Project (Genopole)
Founding (2007) Director of the institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology (UEVE, Genopole) - iSSB (open Jan 2008)
Founding (2007) Coordinator of the master 2 in Systems and Synthetic Biology (UEVE, ECP, Agro, TSP) - mSSB (open Sept 2010)
Founding (2008) Coordinator of the European Research Network in Systems Biology - GDRE513
Supervisor (2006) for CNRS of the European Research Area in Systems Biology - ERASysBio
and in Synthetic Biology (2012) - ERASynBio

Collective responsibilities:

François Képès has organized or chaired numerous international and national scientific events, including many events in Synthetic Biology since 2005. He is or has been involved in 27 granted projects, including 8 European ones. Dr. Képès is the editor of four international journals, referee for 19 others. He is an expert advisor for European, North- and South-American and Middle-East funding agencies. He sits on the Steering (resp. Scientific) Committees of the Paris (resp. Rhône-Alpes) Institute of Complex Systems. He is a referent for Synthetic Biology at the OECD, French Ministry of Research, Embassy in USA and UK, Parliamentary Office of Scientific and Technological Choices (OPECST), Academy of Technology, CNRS.