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Contributions to Synthetic Biology


Member of the TESSY Advisory Board ['Towards a European Strategy in Synthetic Biology'; EC, ESF].
Representative of the French Ministry of Research for the European Collaborative Work Group on Synthetic Biology.
Representative of the French Ministry of Research and of CNRS at the OECD, for Synthetic Biology.
Coordinator of the national Work Group on Synthetic Biology of the French Ministry of Research: its 2011 Report.
Member of the Scientific Council for Synthetic Biology set up by the French Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices (OPECST)
Referent of the French Embassies in the USA and in the UK, for Synthetic Biology.
CNRS supervisor for ERASysBio which also dealt since 2008 with Synthetic Biology.
Panelist in several EC FP7 prospective meetings about complex systems and their design.
Member of the 'BioSystems Engineering' Board of the National Academy of Technologies of France that released in 2015 a report on Synthetic Biology.
Member of the Steering Committee of the French Observatory of Synthetic Biology (resigned end of 2013).
Co-coordinator of the French Forum of Synthetic Biology (resigned end of 2013).
Member of the French ministerial delegation at the UK SynBio Leadership Council (2014).
CNRS supervisor for ERASynBio (ERAnet of Synthetic Biology) (2012-2014).
Member of the UK Synthetic Biology Research Centres (SBRC) Assessment Panel (2013-14).
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the UK Synthetic Biology Research Centre "OpenPlant" (Cambridge, UK; since 2015).
Editorial Board Member of the journal "Synthetic Biology" (OUP; since 2016).
Member of the Human Genome Project-write ("GP-write") consortium (since 2017).

Founding Director (2007-10 and 2015-16) of the institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology iSSB (CNRS, UEVE, Genopole).
Founding Coordinator of the 2008 & 2010 Master 2 in Systems and Synthetic Biology mSSB (UEVE, Ecole Centrale Paris, AgroParisTech, UPSay).
Founding Director of the Epigenomics Project (since 2002) which since 2005 hosts the network in Synthetic Biology 'NewSynBio'.
Founding Scientific Chair (since 2002) of the annual advances in Systems and Synthetic Biology aSSB Spring School.

[iGEM is the Synthetic Biology international competition for undergraduate students]
2008 Chair of "Education" Track of iGEM-international.
2007 Team Leader of the first French iGEM team that was finalist and won a first prize at MIT.


Year Conference Role Location
2006 SFG Conference "Genetics meets Systems Biology: Theory and Practice" (1 session on SynBio) Organizer Paris, France
First International Conference on Living Technology Session Chair Venice, Italy
2008 iGEM in Europe Teacher's Workshop Organizer Evry, France
French Workshop on Synthetic Biology Panelist Paris, France
Colloque "Biologie systémique et synthétique" du PRES UniverSud Paris "Approches quantitatives de la complexité biologique" Organizer Orsay, France
Genopole 10 year Symposium (1 session on SynBio)     Session Chair Evry, France
BioComplex 2008 Workshop (with Nobel awardee) Invited speaker Trentino, Italy
TESSY (Towards a European Strategy in Synthetic Biology) meeting Organizer Evry, France
iGEM-international "Education" Committee meeting  Chair Boston, USA
2009 European Conference on Synthetic Biology Invited speaker Sant Feliu, Spain
OECD, NAS USA, UK Royal Society "Opportunities and Challenges in the Emerging Field of Synthetic Biology" Invited speaker Washington DC, USA
Collège de France Int'l Conf "From synthetic chemistry to synthetic biology" (with Nobel awardee) Invited speaker Paris, France
  "OGM face aux nouveaux paradigmes de biologie" Conference Invited speaker Paris, France
2010 Symposium "Top-Down, Bottom-Up and Computational Approaches in Synthetic Biology" Plenary speaker Nottingham, UK
EC Synthetic Biology Workshop: from science to governance Invited speaker Brussels, Belgium
Séminaire "Technologies convergentes" Invited speaker Paris, France
Genopole Int'l Conf "Synthetic Biology: Bottom-up, Top-down and Cell-free approaches" Organizer Evry, France
CSynBI/LSE Workshop on Synthetic Biology and open source Opening speaker London, UK
OECD Conference on Better Health through Bio-Medicine Innovative Governance Keynote speaker Berlin, Germany
OECD Conference on Delivering Global Promise Through the Life Sciences Invited speaker Paris, France
IoSSB 4th Symposium at Imperial College London Plenary speaker London, UK
ERASysBio Synthetic Biology Workshop Co-organizer Bath, UK
2011 Aviesan ITMO BMSV Inaugural Symposium Round-table panelist Paris, France
BioVision plenary on "Reconstructing Life: which Biology for the future?" (with Nobel awardees) Plenary speaker Lyon, France
6 Academies (US, UK, China) Conference on Synthetic Biology Plenary speaker London, UK
Franco-American Symposium on "Synthetic Biology for learning and doing" Chair & speaker Paris, France
International Conference on "Synthetic Biology at the interface of science and policy" Speaker Ottawa, Canada
2012 Journée d'étude du CREA sur la biologie de synthèse Organizer Paris, France
6 Academies (US, UK, China) Conference on Synthetic Biology Speaker Washington DC, USA
Colloquium IFRIS - Genopole "Science en Société" Speaker Paris, France
Seminar "Maladies Infectieuses Émergentes" Co-Chair Paris, France
Colloquium Aviesan/Allenvi "Perspectives en biologie de synthèse" Co-Organizer and co-Chair Paris, France
2013 Conference on "Freedom in Biological Research" Co-Organizer and co-Chair Veyrier-du-Lac, France
BioVision Prospective Session Plenary Speaker Lyon, France
Thematic School on "advances in Systems & Synthetic Biology" Chair La Colle sur Loup, France
Meeting of the European Synthetic Biology Centres Chair London, UK
Congress of the International Union of Physiological Sciences Invited Speaker Birmingham, UK
EU workshop on Synthetic Biology - IP, standard and regulatory issues Invited Speaker London, UK
France-UK bilateral Synthetic Biology Conference Co-Organizer London, UK
Colloque "Éthique des Technologies du Vivant" Invited Speaker Lyon, France
Synthetic Biology Symposium Invited Speaker Singapore
Journée Région Aquitaine sur le Biologie de Synthèse Opening Speaker Bordeaux, France
Workshop "Synthetic Biology in action: from genetic engineering to engineered genetics" Chair Athens, Greece
2014 Colloque AgroParisTech sur la Biologie de Synthèse Invited Speaker Paris, France
BioVision Prospective Session Plenary Speaker Alexandria, Egypt
Thematic School on "advances in Systems & Synthetic Biology" Chair Évry, France
Meeting of the European Synthetic Biology Centres Chair Évry, France
Flowers Conference on Synthetic Biology Invited Speaker London, UK
Synthetic Biology Congress Invited Speaker London, UK
Synthetic Biology Leadership Council Invited Speaker London, UK
2015 Synthetic Biology standards stakeholders meeting Co-organizer Valencia, Spain
Thematic School on "advances in Systems & Synthetic Biology" Chair Strasbourg, France
Synthetic Biology standardization meeting Organizer Paris, France
IHÉS "Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology" Conference Chair Bures, France
2016 Thematic School on "advances in Systems & Synthetic Biology" Chair Evry, France
JeBIF JOBIM Keynote Speaker Lyon, France
Meeting "Synthetic Biology: from ideas to market" Co-organizer Paris, France
Colloque "La biologie de synthèse modifie-t-elle notre conception du vivant ?" Co-organizer Paris, France


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Funded projects:

Action Role Years Amount
CADMAD (EC FP7 IST FET) Partner 10-13 3,000 k€
Platform of Synthetic Biology (ASTRE, CG91) PI 10-11 290 k€
ST-FLOW (EC FP7 KBBE) WP leader, co-PI 11-15 6,000 k€
ERASynBio (EC FP7 KBBE) WP leader, co-PI 11-14 2,000 k€
PEPII (CNRS) co-PI 12 30 k€
ROBUST (Genopole - TWB) PI 14-16 320 k€
Synpathic (ANR) PI 15-17 450 k€


Synthetic Biology: the facts (F. Képès, F. Lefèvre, I. Pavel)

Biologie de Synthèse : les faits (F. Képès, F. Lefèvre, I. Pavel)

Observatoire de la Biologie de Synthèse

ERASynBio (ERAnet of Synthetic Biology)

iGEM Competition