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Book chapter
Carbonell P, Delépine B, Faulon JL. “Extended metabolic space modeling”, In: Synthetic metabolic pathways: Methods and Protocols, MK Jensen and JD Keasling Eds, Springer, in press, 2017. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-7295.


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To visit us, please follow Genopole access indications.  Once on Genopole campus 1, iSSB is located on the first floor of Building 6, which is the first building to your left as you cross the pedestrian gate, or to your right as you cross the car gate.


Longitude: E 2° 27' 4''
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   Congratulations to the iGEM-Evry 2018 team that was nominated for the "best composite part" price, and that won a Gold Medal at the final world iGEM jamboree. To follow their work, please visit their wiki.


 The annual spring School on advances in Systems and Synthetic Biology (aSSB) becomes an autumn School, on November 18-22, 2019.

 iSSB is pleased to announce the creation of the spin-off Synovance, founded by two former iSSB researchers.

 The spin-off of iSSB Inovactis, founded by two former mSSB students, won the national competition I-Lab 2017 organized each year by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research to encourage the most innovative technologies.

  Based on publications in synthetic biology, an independent study (Nov 2015) found that iSSB ranks 3rd lab in Europe and 9th in the world, despite a comparatively small size.