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    Post-doc proposal in Synthetic Biology.

    Research Thematic School on advances in Systems & Synthetic Biology, March 23-27, 2015, in Strasbourg.

    Abolislogo.jpg iSSB is pleased to announce the creation of the spin-off Abolis . Abolis has won the grand-prize of 200 000 € at the 2030 World Innovation Challenge, and received in 2013 a special prize at the Genopole's White Technologies competition.

    iSSB has received the Genopole award for Research Innovation, which rewards Genopole players achieving major scientific advances. This price has been awarded after selection by an external jury composed of researchers, entrepreneurs and journalists. Please see the video.

    *   logo_iGEM2014.jpg The iGEM-Evry-2014 team , launched by mSSB students and hosted by iSSB, create a new biological system with environmental applications. Please see their "Sponge Patrol" project on their website. The team won a bronze medal at the final jamboree in Boston.

IronLogo.jpg * The iGEM-Evry 2013 team: "human practice" price, gold medal at the European final. It was one of the 2 French teams selected for the world final in Boston.

copy_of_IFrog.jpg *  iGEM-Evry-2012 team: two prices (best model, best human practices), gold medal at the European jamboree, selection for the world final.