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Institute of Systems & Synthetic Biology



 The Institute of Systems & Synthetic Biology (iSSB) is a mixed research unit of the University of Évry-Val-d'Essonne and CNRS, also granted by Genopole® and affiliated to U. Paris-Saclay. The Institute is structured into 4 research teams.  Systems Biology integrates experimental, theoretical, and computational studies to model living systems. In this research area, the MEGA team develops models and experimental methods for studying the structure, architecture, and expression of genomes. XenomeSynth-Bio and Bio-RetroSynth teams use Systems Biology models to design, build, and test new biological circuits and devices using Synthetic Biology principles.

Please download the flyer of iSSB.

Location - contact


5 rue Henri Desbruères
Genopole Campus 1, Bât. 6

contact (at)

Phone: +33(0)1 69 47 44 30
Fax: +33(0)1 69 47 44 37


To come, please follow Genopole access indications. On the Genopole campus, iSSB is located at 1st floor of Building 6, placed on your left (if you come by pedestrian entry) or on your right (if your come by vehicle entry).


Longitude: E 2° 27' 4''
Latitude: N 48° 37' 7''



 Welcome to The European Experience 2016!  The teams iGEM Evry-Genopole and iGEM IONIS organize together a thrilling meeting week-end, gathering students from all Europe who will come to Paris and present their iGEM project.

 The iGEM-Evry-Genopole 2016 team, launched by mSSB students, has started his project. To learn about iGEM-Evry teams hosted by iSSB, please visit our iGEM webpage.

  Based on publications in synthetic biology, an independent study (Nov 2015) found that iSSB ranks 3rd lab in Europe and 9th in the world, despite a comparatively small size.

 BioSynSys 2016, June 27-29, 2016 in Bordeaux, France

"Genome Architecture in Space and Timeat ICTP, June 20-24, 2016, in Trieste, Italy