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Master 2 in Systems & Synthetic Biology

Aims of mSSB

The vigorous development of Systems and Synthetic Biology constitutes a huge challenge that must be met both from the research and education perspectives. mSSB represents the first step towards nurturing a new brand of researchers and engineers to face up to the challenge.

Please see the mSSB flyer.

Added values of mSSB

  • A+ appreciation by AERES (French quality assurance evaluation agency)
  • The first Master 2 in France teaching Synthetic Biology.
  • Scientific environment:
    • Paris region, the first European R&D concentration;
    • Genopole® of Evry, the leading French Biopark, with 21 academic laboratories and 71 biotech companies;
    • Excellent research facilities offered on-site.
  • World-class research training laboratories.
  • Limited number of stipends offered to foreign students.
  • First row seat in the international Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition (USA).
  • Partnership with École Centrale Paris, AgroParisTech, Telecom SudParis and SupBiotech
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    mSSB is part of


    Starting September 2015, the University of Evry-val-d’Essonne will be an associate member of the University Paris-Saclay and mSSB part of:



    Université d'Evry-Val-d'Essonne (30 km south of Paris, France)

    - IBGBI Building:
    23 Boulevard de France, 91037 Evry cedex








    Ile-de-France Building:
    Boulevard François Mitterrand, 91025 Evry cedex



    *   logo_iGEM2014.jpgThe iGEM-Evry-2014 team , launched by mSSB students and hosted by iSSB, is preparing the "Sponge Patrol" project. They create a new biological system with environmental applications. If you wish to sponsor this team, please visit their website, and contact them.

    IronLogo.jpg The iGEM-Evry 2013 team won the "human practice" price and a gold medal at the European final. It was one of the 2 French teams selected for the world championship in Boston. The iGEM-Evry-2013 team's project here.

    * copy2_of_IFrog.jpgThe iGEM-Evry-2012 team had also participated to the world championship, after having won two prices (best model, best human practices) and got a gold medal at the European jamboree.



    The 2014/2015 mSSB program will start on September 15, 2014: opening meeting 8:30 at IBGBI

    The schedule of the courses is available here